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The LifeShare House

The LifeShare Foundation, in cooperation with The Mississippi Associated Builders and Contractors and The Gertrude C. Ford Foundation, built The LifeShare House to provide overnight housing for parents of residential students at the Mississippi School for the Blind (MSB) and the Mississippi School for the Deaf (MSD). Families of blind students are a critical part of their education and development. No one can support and encourage them like their families. This facility provides more than simply a place for parents to stay. The LifeShare House is designed to help the Mississippi Schools for the Blind and Deaf by generating exposure for the school in the community, and by providing a cost-free alternative for parents who need to accompany their child during:

  • Initial new student orientation
  • Low vision clinic assessments
  • Parent conferences
  • Trips to pick up ill children
  • A struggling child's educational endeavors
  • Potential student visits from out of town
  • Short-term therapy that a child may need at a local healthcare facility

By increasing parents' exposure to the Mississippi Schools for the Blind and Deaf, we hope to make them more comfortable with the prospect of sending their child there, where children with special needs can receive specialized instruction.


At LATKids, we're convinced that the most difficult job in America is being the parent of a disabled child. That is why we do what we do. We want to help your family.

Please click here visit our site. Our latest creation is The Zone. This place in the blogosphere is set up for you. We hope children, their families and their schools will take advantage of this advancement in communication. We also want to foster relationships between schools in different geographic areas. This very cool tool will allow them to do just that as well as utilize some of the Assitive Technology that they use to do everything else. This adds to our growing list of useful tools to create meaningful activities that transcend the four walls around us.

LifeShare Community Ministry

In the book of Isaiah, chapter fifty-eight, the Bible says, "If you offer food to the hungry and satisfy the needs of the afflicted, then your light will shine in the darkness."

Lifeshare Community Ministry (LCM) seeks to bring light to dark days for struggling families by responding to physical, spiritual and material needs in pastoral ways. Our ministry to families in need is sometimes as small as diapers and sometimes as big as beds. It is often as practical as food and often as spiritual as prayer. We visit in homes where needs are great, and seek to respond to those needs. We also lead after school Bible classes in large urban apartment complexes, where we learn the Bible Verse of the Week, pray together and build good friendships. We distribute Bibles, provide school-clothes and partner with other agencies and ministries, all in an effort to embody Godís love in the lives of struggling families.

The tiny book of Titus says, "Do good deeds in order to meet urgent needs." That is a simple, clear accurate description of LifeShare Community Ministry.

LifeShare/Mississippi College Scholarship Program

One of the LifeShare Foundationís most recent initiatives is the LifeShare Scholarship program at Mississippi College. The LifeShare Scholarships are intended to aid young people who wish to study at Mississippi College, but who would not be able to attend without financial aid.

In addition to receiving financial assistance with their college costs, The LifeShare Scholars also have the opportunity to serve with the Foundation in various activities. For example, two of the LifeShare Scholars helped with the most recent birthday party at the Mississippi School for the Blind.

Earlier this year, the Foundation hosted a dinner for the LifeShare Scholars. To see the entire group in one room was to witness a roomful of promise, leadership and service.